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More than three million Bengalis were killed and half a million Bengali women were raped by Pakistan Military Forces, Biharis, Jamat-I-Islami, Islami Chatra Shangha (Now Islam-I-Chatra Shibir), Muslim League, Nezam-I-Islami Party, Razakars, Al-Shams, Al-Badr, Peace Committee, Muzahid Bahini during the nine months long Liberation War of Bangladesh in 1971.

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Bangladesh Documents 1971 - A.S.M Shamsul Arefin

Bangladesh Documents 1971

A.S.M Shamsul Arefin

Bangladesh Research & Publication

The "Bangladesh Documents 1971" mainly a compilation on the subject related to war of liberation of Bangladesh. All documents presented in its various chapter mainly of essential historical in character. The documents are the chronicle of events that have contemporary significance and have a present impact on the vital matters of national importance. The 'Bangladesh Documents 1971' divided into 4 distinct part.

The first part contains the documents related to the period up to 26th march 1971. The documents presented in this part discussed the ups and downs in between 1905 to 1971. The historical movement related to Indian independence has also a direct bearing to the liberation movement of Bangladesh. The documents related to political development after 1947 being given more importance in this part of the book. The names of the cabinet members of central government of Pakistan from 1947 to March 1971 are listed in this section. The political parties manifesto, the 6point formula, the draft constitution for Pakistan related to 1970 national election and Chronological political development after 1970 election has been included in this part.

The second part contain the documents relating to functioning of the Government of the Peoples Republic of Bangladesh at Mujibnagar. The Liberation War was conducted and under controlled of the central government of Bangladesh. The list of officers who all were instrumental to form the ministry and the government machineries are listed here with appointments. This list also includes the MNA, MPA and political leaders who all joined the liberation movement. The official orders and instructions related to functioning of the government are also produced in this part. The documents related to formation of Muktibahini and Bangladesh Army including their operation orders is an important section of this part of the document. The participation of the Indian Army as allied forces with their wartime administrative and fighting formations are also part of these documents. The casualty list of allied forces is also the part of document produced for future references with honor.

The third part contains the documents related to the functioning of East Pakistan government during 26th March of 1971 to 16th December 1971. The civil service officers who all were serving with East Pakistan government and orders and instructions related to their postings and transfer are produce with authority. This list of officers with locations will help the researcher to identify the individuals for better information related to their work. The formation of Razakars and rising of militia forces including training program also listed. The political party who all supported the Pakistan army and formed a government civilian in nature is included in this part.

The fourth part contains the documents relating to reorganization of Bangladesh government in1972. This government was a coalition of officers and personals of the government of the Peoples Republic of Bangladesh at Mujibnagar and the Bengali officers and personals that all were serving with Pakistan government during 26th march 71 to 16th December 71. They have been listed in this chapter with their individual positions. This will help the researcher to get detail information relating to the activities of the Pakistan Army and their associates during the period of occupation. At the same time how the Bengali officers of the Pakistan government was adjusted with Bangladesh government has been documented in this chapter with sufficient information. The government decision relating to employment of Muktibahini, organization of national militia and formation of armed forces also included in this part. The documents relating to the trial of collaborators and war criminals also presented in chronological order with 195 identified Pakistani Army officers. The Simla agreement, Delhi resolution and Geneva Convention documents also presented here as reference.