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More than three million Bengalis were killed and half a million Bengali women were raped by Pakistan Military Forces, Biharis, Jamat-I-Islami, Islami Chatra Shangha (Now Islam-I-Chatra Shibir), Muslim League, Nezam-I-Islami Party, Razakars, Al-Shams, Al-Badr, Peace Committee, Muzahid Bahini during the nine months long Liberation War of Bangladesh in 1971.

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South Asian Crisis: India-Pakistan-Bangla Desh - Robert Jackson

Studies in International Security: 17

South Asian Crisis
India-Pakistan-Bangla Desh

Robert Jackson

International Institute for Strategic Studies

THIS book is, of course, primarily intended to tell the story of a nine-month episode in the recent history of South Asia. As such it must inevitably have a restricted interest. On the other hand, the events about which I have written coincided with a major shift in the structure of world politics-a reconstruction which both influenced and was in turn influenced by the events described in this book. Whatever wider interest this study may have must lie in what it tells us about this crucial passage in the international politics of our time; and perhaps also in the view which is implicit throughout, that we cannot understand the problems of modern politics without a firm grasp of their historical dimension.
 - From the Preface