Creation of Bangladesh- Myths Exploded
Junaid Ahmad
AJA Publishers


The creation of Bangladesh is the most tragic episode of Pakistan’s history, invoking the feelings of loss of not a geographical territory but of family, integrity, trust, honour and identity. It is an unhealed wound which bleeds tears not only of loss and remorse, but of frustration and grief on the undeserved accusations. This book breaks new grounds in revealing the real facts behind the loss of East Pakistan and creation of Bangladesh. It sheds chronological light on the actors, their conspiracies, their misadventures and their failings, whose actions culminated into the calamity of the demise of East Pakistan. It is Pakistan’s misfortune that untrue, baseless propaganda of the friendly and antagonistic stakeholders in the creation of Bangladesh tarnishes Pakistan’s international image and stains its history with untrue allegations of fomenting genocide. This book is a unique endeavor to lift the veil of misunderstandings and cover-ups that mislead history into the unjustified labelling of Pakistan as the perpetrator of the horrifying atrocities committed against the Bengalis during the course of events that led to the creation of Bangladesh. Armed with facts and accounts of the victims and eye witnesses, it dispels the notion that non-Bengalis were unscathed by the bloodbath that had ensued in the appalling events of the dismemberment of Pakistan.