Crisis in East Pakistan 
 Hearings- Ninety-Second Congress - first session 
May 11 and 25, 1971


In the wake of Pakistan's military crackdown on East Pakistan and the consequent crisis situation in the subcontinent, the American Congress demanded an immediate policy response from the White House. But the Nixon Administration's .massive inaction. towards the East Pakistan situation failed to satisfy Congressional concern. Congress reacted by suspending American military and economic aid to Pakistan until the conflict was resolved by Pakistan's military regime and international relief work was allowed in the affected areas. The US government's continued shipping of arms to Pakistan, despite suspension, angered the Congress and India. Unconvinced by the Administration's explanation, the Congress undertook the unusual step of touring the subcontinent and visiting refugee relief camps both in East Pakistan and India. The East Pakistan crisis exemplified both the strength and limitations of the US Congress in playing a role, along with the executive, in foreign policy matters.