15th August A National Tragedy
Major General K M Safiullah, BU, psc. (Retd.)
Agamee Prakashani (আগামী প্রকাশনী)

The book had been contemplating to write down the incident of 15th August 1975 and reveal the facts for the posterity. This incident has created enough confusion in the minds of the people. The Author also need to clear his conscience by telling exactly what had happened.

This incident was not only a tragedy for Bangabandhu's family, but also it was a National Tragedy for all of us The Bengali’s. In Bangladesh nobody ever imagined that a tragedy of such nature and magnitude could take place in our country, particularly with regard to Bangabandhu.

When an incident of such nature takes place concerning the national leaders, The people also has the right to know about its details. The Author to the best of his ability narrated the details as it happened It is now up to the readers to say what else.

- from Writer's Desk