Prison Diary-Jayaprakash Narayan
Edited by A. B. Shah


Mr. Jayaprakash Narayan's Prison Diary is a historic document whose significance will outlive the circumstances in which it came to be written. A proper assessment of its contents can only be made after the present Emergency has become part of history. One so close to them and to their chief protagonist as this Editor has been can only react to it in an essentially personal vein. But it is not difficult to see that the Diary is more than the musings of a Prometheus in chains. It represents the thinking, the mood and the moral sensitivity of some of the finest minds of contemporary India. In that sense Jayaprakash Narayan's Prison Diary is also the diary of million besides him who a year ago overnight found themselves inmates of the vast prison into which India was converted by Mrs. Indira Gandhi's midnight coup.
The Dairy covers a period of less than four months, from July 21 to November 4, 1975 and is presented here with the minimum of editing.
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