We Owe an Apology to Bangladesh
Editor Ahmad Salim
Shahitya Prakash

This is an anthology of writings by Pakistani Human Rights activists, journalists, poets, academics and others regarding the events of 1971 when the ruling military junta unleashed their attack on the civilian population in the Eastern part of the country violating every norms of a civilized society. The heinous crimes against humanity was covered up by a massive propaganda exercise that blinded most people in Pakistan giving rise to a pseudo-nationalistic religious fervor. But in that dark period there were people not comfortable with official version of the truth. Their observations and writings represented the voice of justice in Pakistan and the realization that Pakistan owes an apology to Bangladesh for the brutal atrocities perpetrated by its Armed Forces and ruling coterie in 1971.
We hope this collection of articles will contribute in promoting justice and understanding which is so much necessary to come in terms with history.
- From the Back Cover of the book