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Brave of Heart - Habibul Alam, Bir Pratik

Brave of Heart

Habibul Alam, Bir Pratik

Academic Press and Publishers Library (APPL)

While still a student the author joined the war of liberation in early 1971. It is the story of a young man going through the rigors of an inspired guerilla war, propelled by deep love of his country and the people, as were his compatriots who joined him. As the index indicates he has arranged short episodes chronologically as the war unfolds in his sector bringing out the passion, the ecstasy as well as the agony so intensely lived through by a young fighter following a destiny that lay before him mysterious and unknown. As he adherers strictly to the facts and the actual incidents of war, that he is a part of, he also gives us some very poignant moments of passionate intensity and even of rare lyrical beauty.
 - from the Back Cover

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