East Pakistan: A case study in Muslim Politics
D N Banerjee
Vikas Publications

This book is a political study of East Pakistan.

It is, however, not meant to be an analysis of regional politics whose impulses are born out of domestic compulsions and have come to life only after the birth of Pakistan.

This book deals with the subject in three parts.

Part I examines the genesis and the growth of the Bengal Muslim politics. It is presented as a major constituent of the all-India Muslim politics.

Part II deals with the post-Partition days. East Pakistan’s politics is studied in relation to the successive changes in the character of the central authority. In tracing this, the Bengali-Punjabi conflict has been discussed from its origin to its present form. Impact of East Pakistan politics on the all-Pakistan politics has been brought out as the East wing turn into the main source of opposition to the central government.

Part III is an attempt to ascertain the reasons for the seemingly separatist mood of the East wing and takes a look at the future of the Pakistani State-system.

 - from the Preface